some more pics from miyazaki – fukuoka

I will write some more on the plane and post from Bangkok, at Fukuoka airport right now. Just wanted to post some images:miyazaki-dandies.jpgthis was from the last night at Miyazaki, a couple of dandies happy to pose in the night life area!kimono1.jpgand my first image of fukuoka…. My new friend Chris, who is living in Fukuoka (since about 13 years) takes me on a little tour of Fukuoka. One night isn’t enough, and it is Sunday and quiet. We walk thru the red light district which is dead, Sunday isn’t the day. Most premises apparently are off limits to Gaijin – the benefits of having an American miliraty presence. We walk and look and talk about Buddhism (he is into Zen), life, styles. I get some new insights (no time to formulate right now in the waiting lounge!) We end up at Canal City which is kind of mall meets lagoon. There are also a few stalls, and of course the whacky young Japanese busy conforming to the rebellion, but they are easy going rebels.vendor.jpg bit of a contrast to yesterday afternoons zen temple in Dazaifu, but even that was in contrast to the Shinto shrine. OK more on this later.they are calling the flight..

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  1. doko2

    Hi, Rio-san, it seems that you enjoyed Dazaifu and Fukuoka.
    Pictures you put on interest me very much. Fukuoka, hub city of Kyushu,maybe Fukuoka people say hub of east Asia, has lots to offer. How did you like there?

    You are in Bangkok. Yesterday it rained very much in Miyazaki!


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