Paksebali Trance, Revisited

Over the last thirty years, I have managed to make it to Paksebali’s Kuningan trance a few times but to be honest I haven’t gone for about 10 years now since tourists have discovered it in a big way. I thought I would give it a shot (urgh, pun not intended) this year tho but found a new plague: photographer’s clubs, a rude lot! Here they are shoving their lenses right between two of the most sacred icons of this temple…

As usual the trance got quite wild, and some of the old spirit of Paksebali came through despite all the really badly dressed tourists and snappers. Not to be left out of the action, I got a cut-up nose out of the party, but there is always the risk of something like that when you find yourself in the middle of the fray!



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