Sweltering Bangkok ‘Misses’ Thaksin

Having landed in Bangkok’s sweltering heat after Bali’s cool season, it was hard to finish of the final pages of editing the translated Buddhist text (in Indonesian), but after a few days it is done. I am sure now the debate about terms will start. We are translating from english, which ahs made its own compromises with Tibetan and Sanskrit, and it is sometimes hard to convince people that meaning is more important first than melliflous phrases. we shall see. It is always fun to see what new things are going on in the city, but nothing too remarkable right now. Except one comment on the wall which seems very much a philosophical take from a teenage point of view:writing-on-the-wall.jpgThe country meanwhile is distracted for a while from the whole Thaksin debacle by the very event he was allowed out of the country to attend: the Olympics. Tonight one Thai boxer, Somjit Jongjohor made gold. A military man, he was a real sportsman, very courteous to the other medalists. A bit of true Olympic spirit. So the Thais are happy tonight:somjit.jpgof course on Monday I am sure that everybody will be back wondering about Thaksin’s extradition again. (There was a demo last week at the British embassy). There is endless speculation about why the judges let him go to the Olympics in the first place – whatever you think, Thaksin certainly is a hot hot potato….. Tomorrow I am off to India for a two week disappearing act in the Himalayas. I doubt I will be posting much for that time, even from Delhi.

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