Bangkok skies!

On the last weekend before shuttling back to Bali, we decide to take a look at an apartment that Monica’s real estate agent is very pumped up about. The building itself isn’t great but the views were! One side you looked out on the river, the other was this:bangkok-skies.jpgThis was of course a day when there was little traffic, and the skies really open up. It reminds of the day in Delhi when the public transport changed over to compresse natural gas – there was a radical change in the sky. But most days in Bangkok it is of course more like this:p1020666.jpg I do wonder sometimes if there is any possibility of us ever bring the earth back to what it was in, say, in the 1960’s. This months WIRED magazine basically says we shoudl just worry about carbon emissions and go nuclear, forget all the super green thing. Apparently organic famring (or to be more correct organic cattle raising) creates more green house gases… Hmm seems we are in a trap. —-Speaking of skies, that same weekend we are the pool and I look up to see a full circle rainbow, which for some is an auspicious sign.p1020653.jpg I haven’t seen one for about 8 years since the Kalachakra with HHthe Dalai Lama in Key Gompa in Spiti, which happened right at the most important part of the ceremony.

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