Bon Voyage Shane Sweeney

It’s been a bittersweet X-mas. An old friend, erstwhile hippie bon vivant / artist/musician/cosmic raconteur par excellence Shane Sweeney, finally passed away from liver cancer. Am on the road right now, so no pics yet. But here is a letter to him I hope someone reads out at the cremation tomorrow: Dear Shane, Bro, I am so sorry I can’t make it to your last party coz I am in Bandung with the Rinpoche, the whole thing has been planned months ago so I can’t let them all down. Anyway I figured what with your fondness for the Invisible Tibetan Opera you’d forgive me. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have seen you those few short hours before you left us, to have that last hour with you alone, talking so openly and frankly in that crazy warm way that was your signature. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you exceeded all of of expectations anyway! Yeah, you know what I mean. Sure there was a bit of initial fear (as if most of us wouldn’t have any at a moment like that). But then that spirit of adventure of yours, that big heart of yours, shone through. (Like all those conversations we had over the decades when you ended a big rave with a twinkle in the eye and came right down to earth again with a mirthful cackle). When we cut all the bs in the first minute that morning, that’s when I knew: you really were ready. I left the house that morning feeling so grateful to you for that, and everything everything else you shared over the years. We’re gonna miss you Shaney, you were such an original. Catch up with you later! Bon Voyage. (for friends of Shane: in ‘comments’ there are messages from Eve and Davina)

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  1. Davina

    arms outstretched
    as an apex
    pointed towards an aperture
    as if caught in a vacuum of substantiality
    I am pitched from the brink
    of self destruction
    in restive stateI find myself once again
    brewing together printed presses
    of urgent colour
    to be pasted and brailed

    with angst to surmise
    a creative cryptic
    a tress tassled
    in painted films of rice and glue
    paper torn into shreds
    slithers of histories composed into one

    state of astute progression
    and the ’I’ state realizes
    once again its time
    a chance to be titillated by

    (Shane was my mentor and a great soul)
    davina Bali 2008

  2. Davina

    Our coat of many colours!

    From sun to rain
    thoughts can only cease if there were not change
    moment begets another moment
    a trail to be not lost of mind
    to create matter
    a bobbin infinite sewing
    threads of textile
    apparent stories ,histories in the making,
    a thought , our thought run as dyes to a yarn,
    of colour sown from natures gift
    from stone, to flower to egg
    creating patterns
    on newly spun visions
    To its finale
    worn as a coat of many beautiful colours.

    For Shane Sweeney, a brilliant storyteller and master painter
    Bali 27th December 2008

  3. eve ridoux

    hi rio
    here are some words in my broken english as an hommage that maya has me to write for the funeral of shane he stay very dearly and beautifully in my heart
    his love has been a real gift for me

    on this very special moments i am greatfull to feel love in my heart and very close to shane and to you guys who are present at the ceremony
    shane and i we have always been travellers on this planet and we meet for the firt time in 1969 half way to France and australia in beautifull nepal we were young and searching for peace and real love and our eyes meet in high spirit in the hymalayas
    at that time we were « the children of the light » hippy happy generation !! discovering how to expend our consciensness through experiment lsd scession with the messagers of thimothy leary and we were attracted to learn about ourself and find the wisdom of our life
    shane had already so much travel before i meet him
    he left australia on a boat for england and had been already to greece africa and bali
    he had already at 24 years old live so many adventures and human experiences and his passion for music and painting were a natural gift for him he already had so much talent to express himself as an artist
    we clicked ! and we follow naturally our path together as nomads so happy to carry on our travelling in india he made me discover singapore malaysia and indonesia bali and further on australia
    our first daughter tara putu jempirin parnama was born in bali in 1970 at ubud village at that time there was no electricity on kuta or ubud only wild ceremonies of transe on kuta beach and the balinese were always very kind to us we had a very peacefull life in bali then a year after maya was born in mytic goa and we carry on to live in europe and in France where shane had a band and perform all around France and then we lived in ibiza
    we always lived in beautifull surroundings in differents country shane was very sensitive to beauty of nature and natural life and he guide us from place to place bringing his tribe where he thought i will be good to be i twas a real luxuary
    we had friends everywhere everybody in this moving communauty was helping each others when they were in need financially to carry on for their travelling it twas a special time when you could travel with very little money and a lot of spirit and happiness was our fuel ! solidarity was there and a lot of grace in the air and we did really appreciate our freedom
    we made money with our talent music concert selling painting making clothes
    shane was painting all the time beautifull painting he was selling them in 5 minutes he was a beautifull father for tara and maya having big siestas with them and fall asleep often with the kids and the angels ! i could escape then the family runing around doing my things
    when we went to australia for the first time shane present us to his parents and we lived in sydney and in majic malumbimby
    shane and i we had a full life and we really share the essentiel even if each one of us folow our own path
    we share the respect we have both for each others and in ourself we share the ultimate experience that a human beeing can have on this planet which is to know and be gratefull to the love who sustain us and learn to be humble and feel in peace inside ourself i know shane has thanks our beautifull master prem rawat for what he has shown him and i know shane has been so gratefull in his life to have been able to be reveiled who he is really and the part of him which is eternal for him and for all of us he is really blessed
    i do thanks shane for his kindness his deep love for life his love for his family his talent his courage he has been able to carry on his in his life when he was unwell in sick ness very couragsely and with lucidity i meet him in rome 2 months ago and he had very sincere talks about him facing death when we loose shane nobody will replace him but he stay in our heart in our love and that s all that s count
    shane mother died in sydney 12 hours after shane it is also an incredible coincidence as he had a strong connection with her
    i think of tara and maya and jetsen his children who can be proud of him because shane love for them was and is pure and genuine and they should never forget that it is so precious
    thank you for shane to allowed his children to receive from him his strengh which is the love he felt for them his love will help them all their lives you cant ask for more !!
    peace to all of you united with shane spirit

    a bientôt

  4. jonathan schoch

    i was idley searching shane and found made widjaya’s site .
    I wanted to add that the Hippie Hippie shake photo was not taken in bali,but in Kathmandu in 1969 at the sri saraswati Bakery cum commune on vulture hill next to swoyambhu hill.
    the other guy in the picture is Jason.
    Made’s comment space required something-whatever it was-it defeated me…I don’t think there were any comments….

    where is Eve?

    I finally got Maura Moynahan’s email address,so there is hope I can reconnect with ADDISON GILESPIE SMITH..he might still be in K’du. Sym-one goes to K’du.. maybe he can find AD.

  5. Rio

    Hey Jonathan,

    I get a lot of spam on this blog, but I’ve never had a comment responding to someone else’s blog on my site. Interesting technique.

    Anyway I have passed your comments on to Made.



  6. paul guerin

    I met Shane and Eve while traveling throughout India and South-East Asia in the 60s and 70s. I was originally with a girl named Maya Dillon. I was really drawn to both of them and their family, they seemed to represent, as a family, what the best of that life could be. Even after meeting many others on that road (I traveled there for nearly seven years) they still stood out as particularly warm and wonderful people. I now live in Mill Valley, California, far from those lands but just hearing the names Shane and Eve transports me back to a very happy time in my life. Have a wonderful journey Shane, you always did.

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  9. Andre lassen

    I am verry sorry fore my far lated replay.

    I met Shane some 20 years ago on Bali,he wase introduced to me by a good frend Berry Sieberg.
    I have always admired the person and his work verry much,the years after that I met him manny times and also we workt together on some projects.
    I Have heart much to late of his past over.

    Andre Lassen


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