Tahayul atau Peka?

Ternyata bangsa Indonesia masih saja lebih terpatok pada mitos-mitos kesaktian gaib ketimbang pada kenyataan. Contohnya, kini kita begitu sibuk mengkultuskan Mbah Maridjan, sampai-sampai jadi bahan laporan CNN. Padahal gara-gara beliau tidak mau turun gunung tak sedikit orang lain tewas, termasuk...
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Bali’s Burden – Sharing the Load

These days when I look out my office window in the small town of Ubud, inanely voted ‘best city in Asia’ by Condé Nast, I can only see a kilometer long traffic jam. And even when I am not watching...
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It’s a messy business exploiting nature. A lunch conversation with an old friend in the oil business helped put somethings into perspective for me.  I’m not just talking about out there on the rigs. The real mess is how these...
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