Gauguin again..

Apparently the letter I sent off to the Financial Times did get through, and Mark Ellwood (the writer) took the time to respond to me personally. I feel it only correct to publish his reply here:——————– I’ve just been passed along the email which you sent regarding a recent profile I wrote of the fascinating artist Ashley Bickerton (June 21 2008, FT Weekend House & Home) and wanted to respond by return.Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to write in to the Financial Times – it’s much appreciated to hear a reader’s response to any story and we really welcome all comments, corrections and thoughts.Secondly, regarding the Miro/Nehru and Penang-Penang/Padang-Padang errors – as you rightly assumed, thanks to the vagaries of modern technology and constantly hiccuping phone lines, I simply misheard Ashley’s observations. It’s deeply frustrating for me and my editor both whenever errors like these slip through our aggressive checking and re-checking process, and I can only apologize if these mistakes marred your enjoyment of the story. We never want to make any factual slip-ups, and try our hardest never to – occasionally, though, we’re all too human (and victims of Skype). This was unfortunately one of those rare occasions.Thirdly, thank you for your insight about some of the more controversial and challenging comments Ashley made – those extra notes will definitely be helpful when we revisit Bali in future stories. It’s a fascinating place that inspires such passionate reactions; and for that reason alone, it’s always helpful to have extra information like this.Thank you again for dropping us a line and do hope you continue to enjoy the Financial Times Weekend.Kind regards,Mark Ellwood

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