Please – a prayer for Cristina

christina-1.jpgI am sure that many of you who know Cristina Formaggia have heard by now that she has been very, very ill with cancer, and is at the end of her time with us. I just received word from Pino, the Italian consulate, that Christina passed away this mmorning, Sunday the 20th July . She was in and out of consciousness in hospital in Milan. Until now her family apparently has been a bit hesitant to let the news out about her illness but I received word from Antonella that they would appreciate if her friends and “Nyama Bali” would pray for her, have thoughts for her. ……….Cristina dedicated more than half her life to the performing arts of Bali, and spent many hours and late nights “ngayah” or contributing her performances in temples around the island, much to the delight and admiration of the Balinese audiences. I also spent many hours watching her perform in temples, she was very much part of Bali. She also instigated a revival of Gambuh in Batuan. we will miss you Cristinachristina-2.jpg PS: If any friends wants to post their condolences here please feel free, if you would like to send an email to her family please email me I will send their email address to you. Thanks.

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  1. Isabella

    Dear Rio,
    I am so shocked to have come across the news of Cristina’s death so many months after the event. I met Cristina many years back in the 80s. I was staying at Cecak Inn for a few months with my young son. We spent an afternoon together in London about 6 years ago but we had not been in touch since then. Please would you put me in touch with Cristina’s family? I knew Ettore and would like to send my thoughts to him and her family.

  2. Nandini Krishna

    Thanks Rucina for recapturing Cristina’s story and filling the gaps for us.

    I had the pleasure of knowing Cristina briefly during my stint in Bali. We struck a chord. In fact, so generously she gave me the keys to her house, the one behind Ibah which you have so aptly described, when she went to Italy for her workshops, so that I could partake of the serene atmosphere there.

    She wrote a sweet and warm note on my return to India.

    I wrote to her before leaving India for Canada to let her know. That was in end July 2008.

    It was only a few weeks ago now, after a year, when I met Cristina’s dancer-friend Ramli Ibrahim in Canada , whom she had referred to me, that I knew why I had not heard back from her.

    Her contribution to Gambuh is historic. In her conversations her continued enthusiasm for Gambuh was apparent and it was the cornerstone of her life.


    ~Nandini Krishna
    25th August 2009.


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