Pope Down on Condoms – predictable, but disaster for Africa


With all due respect: Perhaps instead of simply blasting through Africa on a VIP tour the pontiff might consider rolling up his sleeves and spending a few months working with people with HIV. There needs to be some reasonable flexibility. Africa is the continent with the fastest growing Catholic population in the world, and the message should be realistic. It is of course the continent with the highest attrition rate due to HIV/AIDS.

A stalwart Catholic priest in Eastern Indonesia( I am not going to specify location for clear reasons), whom I know thru work on an HIV program, caved in long ago on this issue. After months of agonising deliberation he started promoting condoms “I can’t deny what I see everyday. I cannot stand by and watch this disaster, people will not change overnight. I must do something, even if it risks going against Rome or excommunication…”

The difference between him and his Pope is that one of them works in the field, the other is a shepherd in abstract world.

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