Rio Helmi Gallery & Cafe






The Rio Helmi Gallery & Café has moved –  just across the road, literally.  From Jl Suweta 5 to Jl Suweta 06b, Ubud, Bali.

The Gallery is now roomier, and continues to feature Rio’s work from various assignments and projects around the world. The Gallery serves also as a mini ‘events’ room where we will have talk, slidesgows and films by various artists, film makers, photographers and other interesting people about their projects.DSCF4289

For our first event we hosted Swiss photographer Beat Presser who talked about his years of working with Werner Herzog and being Klaus Kinski’s favorite portraitist.



The Café, known before as “Localista”, has been incorporated into

the gallery now. While still serving the by now signature espresso based coffees and punchy “Kopi Bali” and legendary cupcakes, we now do all day breakfast and brunch with dishes from around the world re-imagined here in Ubud.

Rio's cafe pan1







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