Schengen visa rant!

As an Indonesian citizen who is normally happy being one, I gotta say this has been bit of a humiliating few days. Not only do I have to cough up like $90 for the visa but another $65 for travel insurance (my entire world coverage, medivac etc insurance isn’t good enough for them, had to buy an additional stupid temporary travel insurance. what a scam). This after getting bank statements, proof of bookings for every single night I am there, proof of this and that, and all. They go over everything about you in minute detail. Then they take it all and tell you to come back in 20 days and perhaps you might have a visa.

Meanwhile, if you are European you can just fly in here with your passport and get a visa just like that. even if you get off the plane in a singlet and a torn pair of shorts and flip flops, dragging a daggy back pack.

When are we gonna get over this stuff?


3 Responses to “Schengen visa rant!”

  1. Roberto Capodieci

    This is the “easy” way into European Community: go to Albania and take a boat to Italy and don’t bring any document with you. Not only you are welcome to Europe, you will also get a long term visa and you can claim your รขโ€šยฌ35,00 (Rp. 500.000 circa) per day for your survival… Many Italian are planning to do this as well! And BTW… haver had to go through the KITAS process? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Rio

    Hey Dude, no comparison – just wanna go for a couple of weeks as a tourist – as opposed to working there and living there!

  3. Roberto Capodieci

    True, true… I think it changes based on what is the European country you use to apply for the visa… Next time go through the Italian Ambassy!


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