the man up in the air

It has been a fast moving and tiring week, and now after only about 8 days on Bali am at Changi airport trying not to overspend. But they did have a 40 language translating gadget including Tibetan – the world has changed. Anyway looking bak on that week which started with a kind of new agey spacey session at a wellness spa in denpasar where one of the partners demonstrated “channeling the energy of the universe by candle light – but then went on to say that he would be happy to see the Bali bombers executed (killed was the term I believe). Hmm its a cruel universe..balibomb-rh0019.jpgwell David and I did a bunch of stuff in between, me every night uploading to German Vanity Fair who thankfully loved what we gave them (thank goodness – imagine staying up to 1 am and getting up at 5.30 everyday and them not liking it… )Then we wound up the whole week with an interview with Kadek Wiranatha of Ku De Ta who over lunch, and after explaining how he did a deal with a banjar to build Ku De Ta on part of their cemetery, said that he doesn’t believe in magic but “I’m sure there is a someone up in the air who knows everything..”. Two ends of a very Balinese spectrum I guess!dsc_8826.jpgOh well off to India. Slightly more to the philosphical spectrum there I am willing to bet.

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