The School at Dagpo Shedrup Ling

One of the projects that Dagpo Rinpoche has going annexed to the monastery is a school for local and other Himalayan kids. It provides an education for kindergarden, primary and the equivalent of junior high school, with most of the kids boarding. Of course during Rinpoche’s recent visit the kids came up to show their respects, of course the tibetan custom of showing your tongue in respect might seem startling but hey different strokes for different folks:dsc_6833.jpg.IN any case their despite their conditions being pretty basic, with one communal bathroom being shared by all, the spirit is great. The older kids (13 years old) are dorm prefects for the little ones, they are responsible for around 20 kids each getting their bedding, cleaning their rooms, and doing their morning and evening prayers. Such a difference from teenagers in the ‘developed’ world. dsc_7834.jpgdsc_7794.jpgThis school provides an opportunity whch for many simply wouldn’t be there. They learn a basic curriculum plus English and Tibetan, and most of the kids spoke basic English. The older ones like this 13 year old prefect spoke reasonable conversational English, even coaching the younger ones in her care. I guess a strong sense of community helps. Although the school gets some direct donations, their water and electricity is mostly subsidized by the monastery. They have basic necessities, but I do mean very basic. Though by no means is this an official appeal for donations, if anyone is inspired to make a donation please contact me and I will redirect you to the relevant people. A few of the kids are from Ladakh, from very poor families, and as Ladakh is closed during the winter months they end up staying for the two month winter break. Some of these are pretty young still.dsc_7768.jpg

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  1. Brad Jones

    Do you think blogging just has to be about writing? Reason I ask is I want to start a photography blog, but I feel I am better at expressing myself with photos rather than write. Should I even start it? With your experience could it work, more pictures, less words?

    • Rio

      Brad, sorry, have been away from serious internet connection for a while. I think you can use mainly images why not? the point its to convey a message, a story. You might want to consider longish captions though..



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