Upcoming Elections in Indonesia: MORE CASH THAN DASH

The flurry of candidates (or more precisely the flurry of cash) that is in evidence for the upcoming legislative elections in April is an omen of things to come. It would be interesting to see how many of these candidates have any qualifications to be the law makers and representatives of Indonesia’s vast archipelago, my guess is a pretty low percentage. It’s an educated guess based on their total lack of taste and shame in chasing their ambitions.

Meanwhile the bad is even spreading to the environment, their flimsy, cheap, on-the-run billboards are an eyesore everywhere.


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  1. Susi Johnston

    Nice post. I would love to see a big collection of photos of the ridiculous campaign posters that line the roads. There are some with shirtless men, others with blushing beauties who look just out of high school, and still others that are just downright weird . . . the guy with shocking pink lipstick and a moustache . . . the candidate with rose-coloured glasses on plus a half-dozen big gold rings and a chunky gold watch . . . there’s one candidate down here in our area who is crosseyed and has his face on lots and lots of humungous posters . . . and as far as I know it is illegal to post advertisements on other people’s property or on public property without permits. So is every legislative candidate a lawbreaker then?


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