haunts (again), old friends, and au revoirs

Back on the job with Jerome, we decide to get some pics of his favorite people for the book. One of them is an old acquaintance of mine, the one and only Bona from Kaya Gaya in Seminyak who still has her little boutique on Drupadi. Her studio is filled with all kinds of knick knacks, modern and old. Bona is also the only Italian ex-mother-in-law of Amir Rabik, currently the honorary consul of Spain in Bali (it was about 20 years ago, and was admittedly pretty brief….dsc_0698.jpgAnd we also took in some of Jerome’s favourite haunts, one of which is a place on the bypass which is a mad mix of megalomania and classic old chinese kitsch. The crowning glory of this Republik of Aneh-aneh (Republic of Strange Things) is this pram. Notice the motorcycle parked next the back wheel, it kind of gives the whole thing scale.dsc_0652.jpgFact, in Asia, is much weirder than fiction. My kind of place! I have another one of those “twilight zone” moments (see “fav haunts” June 10th entry) when we go around to Nunung’s (next to Daeng’s place on Tangkupan Perahu) to take a picture of her. That morning Jerome had been talking to me about David Manfredi (I think thats the spelling) who was Helmut Newton’s agent, and is now often in Bali. We park, go inside to see Nunung, and she is chatting with this westerner. Jerome introduces me to her, and the guy pipes up “Oh I know your work..” and then he introduces himself: it is David M in flesh. Hard not to be flattered when the agent of the one of the world’s most famous photogs knows you, but I quickly remember it is a small island!——-On to family matters:bali-june-08-158.jpgMeanwhile my sister Rana took off today for a long study spell in India. She has quite the courage, and we will miss her. Hats off to her for her courage, at 57, to take on an intense scholastic study course in Tibetan Buddhism that would scare most 20 somethings I know! (both shots by budding photog Lyn Shwaiko)bali-june-08-160.jpg

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