who keeps remembering the bombs?

It has been my pleasure this week to work once again with writer David Leser from Australia on a story in Bali, and once again it is for a European magazine. The story is about the bomb, but of course a very different angle this time, 6 and 3 years on. dsc_8672.jpgDavid is intelligent and (not always a given) witty, a man who has seen a lot with no dearth of interesting anecdotes to share. David was born into publishing (his dad was a major player in the Conde Nast world) but struck out on his own early in his career. He has been visiting Bali for years.. Back to the bomb: It interesting to see as time goes on that many Balinese really have moved on (and why not indeed) and really don’t think that much about the bomb anymore except for taking bets on when the culprits will be executed. It is time the rest of us moved on too I suppose. Reviewing some of my old images (the least graphic of which I show here) does bring back a slight bitter tang, a drying of the mouth. balibomb-rh0002.jpgnow of course there are only memories and memorials, and the odd poignant message.balibomb-rh0006.jpgIt is interesting to see just how subjective memory is. It is also interesting to see how various different people interpret the changes that have come to Bali since. But I do wonder if we will ever recover from the post bomb international (and local) carpet bagger invasion…

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