(yet another) royal cremation in Ubud

Things are building up good and proper for next months royal plus mass cremation in Ubud. Two of the older generation princes are being sent off, along with 60 other deceased, and once again by royal decree (so much for the Republic) Jl Suweta is blocked off. Though you can’t drive past my gallery for at least 6 weeks, and every shop on that street except for Ibu Oka’s suckling pig stand is haemorraghing business, I am at least better off than poor Jean Francois, whose boutique is completely (as in not even visible) blocked off by the ‘petaks’ or temporary family shrine enclosures for the ceremony. But it is interesteing to see them building the main tower in the old classic style of using split bamboo bound together in bundles as the structural supports instead of the much less flexible wooden beams used on smaller towers as of late:cremation1.jpg it gives the whole structure much flexibility and hence strength when it is being carried. Ubud is a real sociologists paradise. Such interesting interactions and conflicts and moving allegiances. At least for a while. more later!

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